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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Luxury Vehicles 

Add some spice to your night! Let North Fork Luxury Transporters take the wheel.


Shuttles & Buses

We service all types special occasions! Our vehicles are safe, luxurious and spacious.


Let North Fork Luxury Transporters service all your needs. With a large selection of multiple vehicles in our fleet, we are well-equipped to service parties of 2 to 300 people.


Many people often do not know of the many advantages of using a luxury Car Service East End Long Island. Luxury transportation involves the use of chauffeured luxury vehicles such as sedans, limousines and vans for transport to various destinations. Whenever you are travelling to a new town or need an airport pickup, it is much better and sometimes cheaper to use luxury transport than other means such as taxis.

A luxury Car Service East End Long Island provides you with a lot of convenience since the driver will collect you from your doorstep and drop you off at your exact destination unlike public transport means where you have to find the nearest terminus. There are no unexpected costs like taxis often have since the price of the service is pre determined. Luxury transporters also have great time management skills and will ensure never to waste a minute of your time.

There are many options to choose from when finding a Car Service East End Long Island. However, not all of them can deliver quality service. You need to be extremely meticulous in your choice if you want to work with the best. Here are a few tips for choosing the best Car Service East End Long Island.


The drivers:

A good driver can make any trip worth the while. You need to be wary of car service companies that hire part time drivers who only work over the weekends to make a quick buck. You need professional drivers who work full time and take a lot of pride in their profession. Find out if the company has career drivers, as they are the best to work with. They are trained on proper hospitality and how to handle important personalities like your business partners or even clients. They also have a lot of driving experience on the daily and know which are the best routes and roads to use; they are often updated on any incidences on the road and can avoid huge traffic snarl-ups that could cost you a lot of time. These drivers are extremely consistent and perfect in the execution of their duties. Do not accept anything less than a career driver from a Car Service East End Long Island.

The fleet of vehicles

The company you choose should have a fleet of vehicles to choose from instead of a few rigid options. A sedan for individual or couple transportation, luxury limousines or even a luxury van for group tours. Having a fleet of quality vehicles means business is good, and good business comes from giving great services, which is an important quality to look for in a Car Service East End Long Island. You should insist on a well maintained late model vehicle with an insurance policy.

The office support

It is often quite easy to tell whether you are dealing with a reputable company just by how the person on the other end of the line responds to your requests. A good Car Service East End Long Island should have a back office where you can get information on reservations, dispatch and other important services.

From the office, you should expect documents such as corporate billing and detailed invoices with a complete list of runs and reservation numbers, passenger names, dates and destinations. This data is crucial for verifying and correcting any runs carried out by the transport company driver.


All the vehicles should be fully permitted in line with the local market ordinances. The business should also have operating licenses and permits issued by the counties, cities and airports to function legally in the area. Licensing and permits are necessary to ensure accountability in case of any accidents or incidences while using the Car Service East End Long Island.


Live inspection

If you are planning a very important event and do not want any surprises with the Car Service, you should consider doing a live inspection of the fleet of vehicles you will be hiring. Most reputable companies will have no problem letting you take a look at all their vehicles before you make the decision. Verify the make of the vehicle; inspect the amenities inside the vehicle and its general condition. If the vehicle is not available, asks the company to mail you pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle you are planning to use.

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