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Services We Provide

Services We Provide
limousine service North Fork Long Island - New York

Luxury Vehicles 

Add some spice to your night! Let North Fork Luxury Transporters take the wheel.

limousine service North Fork Long Island - LI NY

Shuttles & Buses

We service all types special occasions! Our vehicles are safe, luxurious and spacious.

limousine service North Fork Long Island - NFLT

Let North Fork Luxury Transporters service all your needs. With a large selection of multiple vehicles in our fleet, we are well-equipped to service parties of 2 to 300 people.


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What to Expect from a Limousine Service North Fork Long Island

Once in a while, the body needs a little relaxing. When you feel like you want to de-stress by taking time away from work, family or day to day obligations, hire a limousine service North Fork Long Island to take you out of town for a night out with friends. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury: comfortable limousine leather seats, refreshments, your favorite music in the background and the best company. This is something your closest friends would really love. They can even buy into the idea and agree to share the cost of the limo service to make it a lot more affordable for everyone.

A good limousine service North Fork Long Island will ensure the entire experience, from the minute they pick you at your destination to the drop off, is worth every penny. You can create an experience that your friends will talk about for years. But first things first, you need to find a suitable limousine service and take advantage of various opportunities to save. We’ll share with you a couple of tips to get started.


Reserve the limo on a weekday

Most limo companies are fully booked on weekends and special holidays. If there are special events in your town that attract people from all over, there’s a high chance that the limos will be a little more expensive to book due to the demand. What most people don’t know is that they can find a limousine service North Fork Long Island that offers a discount for weekday bookings. Take this advice and book a limo for a special occasion during a weekday.

Travel with a group of friends

If you feel like travelling out of town for a special night out, convince your friends to come with you. Most limo companies don’t charge per person and will only expect you to pay for the car. There are stretch limos that can accommodate up to 15 people and if you split the cost, it becomes more affordable for everyone. As much as it is important to save on costs, don’t make the mistake of carrying more than the required number of passengers in the limo. Your limousine service North Fork Long Island will clearly specify the maximum passenger limit for each car they provide.

Do you mind an older limo?

Sometimes taking an older model means saving money. You may want to consider taking this route if you are on a budget. Talk to the limousine service North Fork Long Island to discuss the rates they charge for different types of limos. You don’t have to reserve the latest limousine model in order to have the best experience. Rent one that you can afford and always know that the extra amenities and offers usually come at an extra price. After all, riding in a limousine is special enough.

Clarify all the costs involved

When you book a limousine service North Fork Long Island you are probably going to be asked a number of questions to allow the limo company to give you a suitable price quote. They’ll want to know where you want to go so as to calculate the cost of fuel and include it in your quote. There’s also the cost of parking and road tolls which may be included in your quote. Make sure the price that is quoted includes everything. A good limo service will be clear about their prices from the get-go.

 Understand the rules

Every limousine service North Fork Long Island has its own unique rules. Don’t assume that you are allowed to bring your own drinks and put the bottles in their coolers. Most companies allow clients to carry their own bottles so long as they are legal. Make sure you know how much you will be billed per drink. Most limo companies will also want to inspect their fleet after it’s returned by the customer. Make sure you know what they’ll be checking so that you don’t end up paying for mistakes you were never warned about.

Expect to pay a deposit

Most limo companies usually charge a deposit that is 20-50% of the total rental fee. You’ll need to pay this amount before they send the limo to you. Be wary of companies that insist for you to pay the whole amount in advance. The limousine service North Fork Long Island should be able to break down all the cost involved including the drinks you’ll be billed at the end of the event.

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