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Services We Provide
party buses North Fork Long Island - New York

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Add some spice to your night! Let North Fork Luxury Transporters take the wheel.

party buses North Fork Long Island - LI NY

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We service all types special occasions! Our vehicles are safe, luxurious and spacious.

party buses North Fork Long Island - NFLT

Let North Fork Luxury Transporters service all your needs. With a large selection of multiple vehicles in our fleet, we are well-equipped to service parties of 2 to 300 people.


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Reasons why Party Buses North Fork Long Island are Perfect for Special Events

If you live in or around Long Island, you’ve probably seen a fair share of party buses on the freeways. Party buses North Fork Long Island are among the best vehicles to rent for special events like birthdays, proms and bachelor parties. Throwing a party on the bus presents a totally new and exciting experience. We’ve put together some reasons why we think party buses are perfect for any occasion.

Adequate room

Party buses come in a variety of sizes and they are likely to accommodate the size of your party. Always have a headcount prior to booking a party bus so that you can choose the size that is most suitable for your needs. Some party buses North Fork Long Island are designed for kid’s birthday parties so make sure you confirm with the rental company the age group that they allow in their buses. The larger the size, the higher you are likely to pay. Most party buses are designed to sit between 14 and 25 passengers.

Dancing space

It would be a great idea to book a party bus that has a dance floor and DJ booth especially if you plan on spending quite some time inside bus. There are party buses North Fork Long Island that are designed with special amenities including epic sound systems and a lounge area to keep your guests entertained throughout the trip. It would be nice to book a party bus that is suitable for the kind of party you want to throw.


Reserve a party bus that has adequate room and make sure you don’t overload it by maintaining the required passenger limit. Discomfort normally arises when you carry more than the required number of passengers in the party bus. Ask about the size of the party bus so that you know how much space you have to move around. By letting the rental company know how many passengers you plan to have in your party bus, they should be able to recommend the right size of party bus for your needs.  Other than that, the luxurious leather seats should make you feel comfortable all the way.

Cost effective

Party buses North Fork Long Island are a cost effective option to enjoy a different partying experience. You can share the costs among your friends. By breaking down the total figure into the number of passengers, you’ll realize just how affordable it is. If you want to rent the party bus on your own and treat your friends, there are some discounts available that can help you to save more.

Make a statement

Luxurious party buses North Fork Long Island are ideal if you want to enjoy a lively night out with friends or make a grand entrance to your birthday party or any other special event. You can choose a party bus with a unique color that blends perfectly with the theme of the occasion. Make sure the party bus also has all the amenities you need to make your trip extra comfortable.

Planning ahead of time

Before renting party buses North Fork Long Island for your next events, make sure you cover all the small details of your trip. Tell the party bus driver where you plan to go whether it’s to a wedding venue, club or corporate event. The driver is able to identify the most suitable route and get you there on time and without any mishaps. If you are planning to go party hopping and you don’t have a particular destination, that’s still okay. Just let the rental company know that you are there to enjoy the ride. They can even recommend some good places to visit.

Relax and have fun

The time you spend at the party bus is certainly going to be fun. Make sure you come prepared with your favorite music or movies that you may want to watch with your friends on the ride. Party buses North Fork Long Island come equipped with DVD players and good sound systems. Whether you just want to have fun on your way to a particular destination or you want to enjoy riding around town, expect fun times if you have everything planned out beforehand. Bear in mind that party buses North Fork Long Island are usually in high demand during wedding and prom season. So take time to make early reservations so that you don’t miss out on the perfect party bus for your needs and budget.

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