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Services We Provide
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Tips for Booking the Right Car Service Jamesport NY for Your Wedding

Working out the logistics of transporting yourself and your bridal party to and from the wedding can be a nightmare. From knowing which cars to pick, how many you’ll need, identifying the headcount and everything in between, the process can be too consuming. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best car service Jamesport NY for your wedding day.

While there are some car companies that particularly specialize in wedding day transportation, you may benefit from a wide range of options from limo companies. We will share with you some basic guidelines on choosing the best wedding transportation and all the areas you need to cover when handling this aspect of your wedding. We’ll try not to leave any stones unturned.


Establishing a basic timeline

First things first, you’ll need to understand how you intend to spend the day. Where will you be going first and how much time will you spend at each location? If you have guests who could use airport transportation Jamesport NY, then it is important to include them in the timeline as well. Knowing just how well planned the day is and when you’ll be going from point A to point B provides the transportation company with adequate information to choose the best routes so that they ensure the wedding runs on time.

One last thing, if your wedding is during prom season or around major holidays like Christmas, then you’ll need to work out a serious plan and start booking transportation Jamesport NY early. Most rental companies are usually fully booked so the earlier you make your reservations, the less likely you are to get disappointed.

Setting a budget

Different couples have their own preferences when it comes to how much they intend to spend on wedding transportation. Once you’ve had everything else from the décor to the venue, gown, catering and so on, budgeted for; the next important item to set a suitable budget for is your transportation. A company that offers wedding limo service Jamesport NY may charge you based on an hourly rate, mileage covered and other factors like the distance. It also depends on the type of car you book and where your wedding will be situated. If your wedding will be out of town then expect to pay slightly higher.

Before making any payments, ask to see the car you are about to book. It’s good to see the vehicle in person because then you can ensure that it has adequate room for yourself and your bridal party and also comes with all the features that were promised by the rental company. Carry out some basic inspections like checking to see if the air conditioning works.

Always read the fine print

It doesn’t matter what type of transportation Jamesport NY you are choosing for your wedding, you must always read the fine print and ensure that everything you agreed on with the rental company is included in writing. The mistake that most people make when it comes to wedding transportation is choosing to settle for promises that are made orally and not included in their contract.

From the total cost to the deposit, refund policy, arrival and departure times and location, everything should be included in the agreement before you sign. Check to confirm the information is accurate and raise your concerns whenever there is a need. Always verify if the driver you’ll be given is licensed and insured.


Provide relevant information

We’ve seen this time and time again, wedding couples who don’t provide the car rental company with the necessary directions, alternate routes or any other necessary information they might need only to end up disappointed when their transport doesn’t arrive on time. It’s always good to plan beforehand by helping your transportation Jamesport NY team ahead of time. Give them the necessary information especially if they will be going out of town so that they are well versed with the area.

Surprise your spouse

There’s really no harm in thinking outside the box when it comes to your wedding transportation. Rent the groom’s favorite car service Jamesport NY and have it drive him to the ceremony. Choose a theme that is in line with how you met or something that makes a connection only the two of you can understand. Choose fun party bus rentals Jamesport NY and have them pick your guests from out of town. Everyone is likely to enjoy a wedding that was planned with something extraordinary. Your wedding transport can make the entire ceremony unique and classic.

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