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Services We Provide
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Let North Fork Luxury Transporters service all your needs. With a large selection of multiple vehicles in our fleet, we are well-equipped to service parties of 2 to 300 people.


Corporate functions demand proper planning. The customers, investors and business partners have all their eyes on you. Everything should turn out perfect especially logistics like transport. Most people choose to book limousines for their corporate events for several reasons. For a start, limos present that classy and edgy look which most brands want to associate with. Secondly, hiring a limo service Speonk NY is one sure way to get to your destination on time and in style. So if this is the kind of transport you are looking into for your next corporate function, have the following tips in mind.

When to book a corporate limo service

You can book a limo for airport pickups and drop offs. It’s a good way to impress your clients and guests by choosing airport transportation Speonk NY that is reliable, comfortable and classy. Limo rentals are also ideal for transporting guests to a meeting or to an after-hours event. It eliminates the risk of having a drunk driver take your guests home and also raises the morale of employees who feel special when ferried by a limo to the event.

Always book early

If the corporate event is a large one, chances are that most of the limo companies will be fully booked before the day of the event. It’s wise to make early reservations so as not to get disappointed. If you are planning to book multiple cars, make arrangements at least a month in advance so that you can get suitable cars to choose from and drivers to accommodate all your needs. Booking early can also help you to save since you’ll avoid the price hikes that come along when the demand for limos in the area is high.

Negotiate the pricing

Most companies that offer any type of car service Speonk NY have corporate pricing to establish long lasting relationships with their clients. Find out how much you’ll be paying for the transport costs. Remember to ask about additional costs like parking, drinks and refreshments offered in the limo. Don’t assume that everything inside the car is free. You may be billed for leaving the limo dirty so make sure you ask about cleaning costs beforehand. Compare the rates offered by different limo companies prior to making a decision. Make sure all the costs are included in the contract you are given to sign.

Consider the special amenities offered

There are many types of limo rentals to choose from depending on your style and budget. The number of passengers you have will also determine which type of limo best suits your needs. When choosing a particular type of limo, consider some of the features that should be a priority as well as the others that you can leave out. For instance, the air conditioning has to work properly, the seating space should be enough to accommodate your guests and the car should be in good mechanical state. You shouldn’t bargain on any of these.

Reputable limo companies are known to take their cars for regular inspections so your safety and comfort is always guaranteed. Going for a limo that is too old and on the verge of breaking down can be embarrassing and frustrating to you and your guests. If possible, visit the limo company and view their cars before finalizing the reservations on your transportation Speonk NY.

The limo experience matters

Don’t just focus on the state of the car when choosing transportation Speonk NY. Consider the whole limo service Speonk NY and whether it will be worth your money. Is the driver trained to treat customers with respect? Will your guests get help in loading and unloading their luggage? Book a car service company that can guarantee a great experience all round; it is important. You can speak to previous customers to get a feel of the kind of service to expect. Read reviews online about the limo company to get an idea of what they capable of offering you.


Limo companies that go the extra mile

If you’ve ever booked party bus rentals Speonk NY, you know how exciting and somewhat overwhelming the experience can get. But there are car rental companies that go all the way to ensure their customers are satisfied with their services. From making sure each client is comfortably seated in the limo to choosing the best routes to avoid traffic jams and everything else, your limo company should take the necessary steps to make your trip a success. You can raise your profile by booking a limo for your corporate event and make the best first impression.

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