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Services We Provide
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Add some spice to your night! Let North Fork Luxury Transporters take the wheel.

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We service all types special occasions! Our vehicles are safe, luxurious and spacious.

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Let North Fork Luxury Transporters service all your needs. With a large selection of multiple vehicles in our fleet, we are well-equipped to service parties of 2 to 300 people.


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Booking the Best Limo Service Wainscot NY for Prom

If you want to blow everyone away on prom night, try not pulling over with the family car and hire a stretch limo to make you and friends look and feel like royalty. There’s such a huge variety of cars that you can choose from to make this year’s prom a night to remember. From stretch limos to large SUVs and Hummers, there are so many ways to make a statement with your choice of transportation Wainscot NY. But before you rush to pick the next limo service that comes your way, here are a couple of tips to set you in the right direction.


Always make early reservations

Limos are huge during prom season and you need to one book months in advance if you want to secure the best ride at an affordable rate. There’ll come a time when too many weddings together with the prom season make the demand for wedding limos to go through the roof. We suggest you start making arrangements 2 to 3 months in advance. Decide on the number of people you want to attend your party and choose the type of transportation Wainscot NY that can accommodate your needs. Make sure you decide on the limo after confirming the headcount.

Determining the appropriate size

Prom limos and party buses can accommodate from 6 to 40 people. You’ll need to figure out how many people you’ll be taking to the prom early enough so that you can book the ideal car service Wainscot NY. Your choice on the size of car will also affect your budget. Don’t choose a car that is too small because you’ll end up squeezed and uncomfortable the entire time. The car company also expects you to respect their passenger limit. You’d rather choose a car with some extra seating space in case there are people who are yet to confirm attendance.

Share the cost with friends

You don’t have to foot the bill on your own. Some of your friends can buy into the idea of getting to prom in style. The more you are, the cheaper airport transportation Wainscot NY is likely to be if you agree to split the cost. If you are also trying to save on the cost of transport in the process, choose a limo that is within your budget range. It doesn’t have to include all the features and costly amenities if you can’t afford it.

See the car

It’s good to check the limo or party bus in person. When you visit the car rental company, you can quickly tell if the car is in good physical state. You can also verify the model, make and all the amenities they promised comes with the car. If the car is not available yet, ask them to send you photos. Make sure the photos cover the car’s exterior and interior. Request the rental company to provide you with references or previous clients who you can contact and find out if they liked the services rendered.

Review the contract

Request the limo company for a contract which should include information about the car, the cost and other important issues with the service. Confirm that the year, make and model of the limo is what has been included in the contract. Make sure the rates including surcharges are also accurately stated in the agreement. If you were told about any deposit or cancellation fees, these should also be included. This contract helps to ensure the limo service Wainscot NY keeps their word and can be held liable if it doesn’t.

Ask questions

What happens when you have to cancel the reservation? What if the limo doesn’t show up on time? You need to know how your consumer rights are protected by the limo company. Cancellations can occur when you least expect it so feel free to ask about what policies they’ve set aside for this. You may also want to know if the company charges for cleaning the vehicle after you’ve used it.

Give this year’s prom a fun twist by hiring party bus rentals Wainscot NY. With a party bus, you get to enjoy the extra space together with a DJ, dance floor, your favorite music and everything else you need to celebrate prom in style with your close friends. Party buses are designed to make your trip fun and they can accommodate all your budget and needs. Just make sure you book early so as to find the ideal transportation Wainscot NY for your event.

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