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Services We Provide
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wine tour North Fork Long Island - LI NY

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Working with North Fork Luxury Transportation was wonderful. We changed our outing a couple of times and Sue was patient, accommodating and helpful at each pivot. Our driver, Rich, was early, courteous and safe. We look forward to another adventure with this company soon.

Peter DiCandia


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Enjoy Luxury Wine Tours North Fork Long Island

Ever thought of booking a party bus when planning wine tours North Fork Long Island?  If you are planning a wine tour for a group of friends, don’t let the process overwhelm you. When going wine tasting, you are always advised to carry a designated driver, or better yet, hire a car because chances are you will end up tasting more wine than what’s expected.


With a party bus, you don’t have to worry about getting a designated driver. Everyone can enjoy a drink without having to worry about directions or traffic. You don’t have to rush the wine tour; you can pick wineries that are close together to avoid spending half of the day driving from one location to the other. Good thing with wine tours North Fork Long Island is that they are completely customizable. Whether you are a party of 5 or going wine tasting with your better half, there are so many great ways to enjoy. The tips below should help you plan your wine tour and get the most out of it.

Target smaller wineries

There are a couple of small wineries in Long Island that you should consider visiting if you want to enjoy a one-on-one and ask lots of questions. Good thing with the smaller wineries is that they tend to focus on all their guests more so you’ll learn about winemaking by interacting with the staff.

Start the wine tour early

Most people prefer going for wine tours North Fork Long Island early, especially on weekends when the staff at the wineries are not as busy. The thing with most wineries is that the staff may not have the time to talk to guests when they’re caught up in the wine making process. When you visit the winery on a weekday, especially when they’ve already started working, you’ll only have to interact with the guide.


Be courteous

Always be polite when you visit a winery or vineyard and try and learn something new. Some wine tours North Fork Long Island actually cover people’s homes and it’s important to be respectful when speaking to the owner.

Try something new

Forget about your favorite kinds of wine and try something new. Try and cover different wineries that make unique kinds of wine. Don’t only stick to wine that is made from the grapes you know because it’s likely to taste familiar. Ask about the regional specialties and what makes each one of them unique. You are probably going to be asked about the kinds of wine that you like. Be sure to share this information but try something that is out of your comfort zone.

Ask questions

If you are passionate about wine and wine making, then you’ll probably want to ask several questions. Ask about the type of wine and where the grapes were grown. Look through the labels to get more information on the type of wine you just tasted. Don’t feel intimidated especially if you are at a larger winery. Raise your concerns and they’ll be happy to address them.


Grab something to bite

Wine tours North Fork Long Island are not just about drinking. You can enjoy an amazing dining experience too. Do your research to cover areas that have good cafés and restaurants too. Ask about some of the places you can have lunch while on your wine tour. If you’ll have booked a party bus, getting around shouldn’t be a problem. The party bus company can also plan the entire wine tour and cover wonderful cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy a good meal after wine tasting.

Plan your day

Don’t plan to visit too many wineries in a single day; it may prove a bit overwhelming. The best wine tours North Fork Long Island are properly planned to cover just enough wineries in a day. For instance, if you have 6 hours, you can cover 3 wineries and spend the rest of the time dining and interacting with your friends. When you have so many wineries to visit, you’ll end up rushing the whole day and not getting the most of your experience at each location.

Now that you have all the details you need, go ahead and compare various wine tours North Fork Long Island. Get an idea of the places you can cover and request for suggestions. Don’t forget to book a party bus or limo to make your tour just a little more luxurious.

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