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Services We Provide

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Add some spice to your night! Let North Fork Luxury Transporters take the wheel.

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We service all types special occasions! Our vehicles are safe, luxurious and spacious.

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Let North Fork Luxury Transporters service all your needs. With a large selection of multiple vehicles in our fleet, we are well-equipped to service parties of 2 to 300 people.


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10 Things to know before you Book a Limo Service North Fork Long Island

Most people rush into reserving a limo without finding out the exact type of service being rendered. It’s always smart to be prepared with the right questions before booking your limo service North Fork Long Island. Call the transportation company beforehand and talk to them to better understand what to expect so that you don’t end up disappointed in the long run. Here are a couple of things to clarify when you make that phone call or pay the transportation company a visit.

Type of event

Limos can be hired for corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, proms, bachelor parties or just a night out of town. Whatever your reasons are for booking the limo service North Fork Long Island, make sure you discuss this with the transportation company. They may have a special rate for your type of occasion.


The limo’s seating capacity

Limo companies usually tell their clients the exact seating capacity of every model. It’s important to clarify this before booking the limo. Passengers should always respect this limit because of their own safety and also for the maintenance needs of the car. The service provider may penalize any client who violates this important rule.

Color of limo

If you are very particular about the physical appearance of your limo, it’s important to clarify with the company and know what to expect. This is especially important if you are planning a birthday party or wedding and need your transport to coordinate with the theme of the event. Choose a limo service North Fork Long Island that fulfils your color preference.

Minimum hourly rental

Different limo companies have hourly rates depending on the car you want to reserve. For instance, a stretch limo can have a higher hourly rate compared to a luxury sedan. Clarify this with the limo service North Fork Long Island company before you book. It will help you to budget ahead of time.


Type of vehicle

Limo companies have fleets of cars that are suitable for various special occasions. From SUVs to sedans, stretch limos and limo buses, you can get a large list of options to choose from. You can also get help on choosing the right type of car for your special occasion.

Confirm the reservation date and time

You need to be sure that the day and time of the reservation has been accurately recorded by the limo service company. In fact, some companies will have different rates depending on when you are reserving their limos. For instance, if you’ll be making a reservation during prom season, expect to pay a higher rate. Some limos are more expensive to hire on weekends compared to weekdays. You may even qualify for a discount by booking a limo service North Fork Long Island on certain off-peak times.

Local rules and regulations

There are specific local rules in Long Island that must be followed by those who book a limo service. For instance, underage passengers are not allowed to drink in the limo. Ask the limo company to highlight some of the local rules that are applicable in your area.

Terms and conditions

Before hiring the limo service North Fork Long Island, know what is expected of you. For instance, what happens when one of the passengers causes any form of damage to the car? What if the driver shows up late and this affects your rate? Are there any hidden costs? Make sure everything they assure you of is in the agreement. Oral conversations between you and the limo company are hard to prove if they are not included in the contract you sign. If they agree on a specific discounted price, make sure it is outlined in your contract.

Be clear about cost

Limo companies can have very unique fee structures. Most of them charge an hourly rate or flat fee. The rates you pay will depend on the type of car you book, the duration and reservation date. Make sure you ask if there are any surcharges for things such as fuel or parking.

Plan the details

Disclose a little more about your special occasion when hiring a limo service North Fork Long Island so that the company can arrange well for it. Let them know how many people will be riding the limo, the number of hours you expect to use it and the distance to be covered.

When hiring a limo service North Fork Long Island, take your time to cover all the important aspects we’ve mentioned above. It will help you to avoid any unnecessary surprises when it comes to booking a limo service.

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